Our Cloud hosting plans.



What is web hosting?

We are posting is when you have a website that is hosted on a server. The name of your business is usually what you create for your new domain name. Once you have your domain name we will bring your domain to our web servers and we will host your website.


How can I see my web site’s Error logs and Raw Access logs?

By contacting our tech-support department we have access to all error logs 24 seven 365 days of the year.


Is it possible to order/manage a hosting service without a domain name?

Unfortunately No. You must purchase a domain prior to hosting because your domain name is how and what redirects your customers to your actual website.

What is a control panel?

With your purchase of a domain, you get access to your own personal control panel. From your control panel which is normally something handled by your IT administrator, you can manage and redirect customers to your website.

What are the charges if I exceed my bandwidth?

The charges fluctuate. What’s important is that There is no limit in that you can actually bump up your package if it seems like you keep reaching your current package threshold.

How can I monitor my server status?

Service status is displayed on your control panel and multiple other ways . You can also signup for our text messaging services, designed for servers status updates and /or technical issues.

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